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“Desire is the desire of the other”

Lacan never tires of repeating this sentence.

Attention is the ability of humans to select one stimulus over the other, by a mental integration of perception (sys0), emotion (sys1), and cognition (sys2) to fulfil the desire.

Attention Insights


System 0 and the Impact On Communication Success

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Smartphone Eye-Tracking
Case Study

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Machine or Empirical Prediction of Attention

The consequence of multiplying media options can be seen in changing viewing habits: Only 10% of advertising contacts last longer than eight seconds. It now appears that it is almost sheer human perceptive capacity that is a prime limiting factor to experience.

Up until now, the use of eye-tracking as a broader market research tool for user and ad testing on smartphones has been held back by several hurdles. Advanced phone cameras and machine learning algorithms have now paved the way for a new form of eye-tracking: smartphone technology.

Along with digitization, this has nurtured a new expectation among marketing managers and advertisers: The promise of precise targeting in digital contact and an associated increase in effectiveness through the immediacy of communication.

Fast, Bold, Beautiful
Successful Video Advertising on Social Media

Deutsche Bank & Apple Pay “Babeng” (2023)

Paying Attention: Connecting with audiences to drive ad ROI (2020)

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A quick, powerful and beautiful appearance pays off to get the most attention for your social video ads. This comprehensive smartphone-eye-tracking study offers the key to successful social ads in different channels.


  • How long are video ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube viewed?  
  • What does a successful advertising creation on smartphones look like? 
  • What are the winners of this study doing right?

For this whitepaper, our team analyzed an ad from Deutsche Bank.
In this paper, you will learn more about eye square tools and data used in this project.
You will also learn why it is positive for a brand to add as much emotion as possible to its advertising.

In this paper, you’ll learn all about attention in the advertising world.
Why does a digital video generate the most attention? Why do some ads attract more attention than others? To what extent does it differ from platform to platform? Are there attention changes due to different screen sizes?
These and a lot of other questions will be answered in this paper.


Media Attention Benchmark


McDonald‘s 1-2-3 Cheeeese TV Test

Media moments become shorter. More than 62% of media perceptions are short (< 2.5 seconds). Nevertheless, as shown in the main results of eye square’s extensive meta-analysis, good creations can still leave an impression in the memory if the user’s attention is understood as a gift.

See how McDonald’s mathematics teaching successfully links to burgers. The distributed attention on this heatmap shows that the participants are confused by the high information density. Three burgers, three prizes, the slogan, legal lines and brand logos – that’s too much for the viewer.

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