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Science is our passion and drives us to make our research better, faster and more valid.

Technology makes our products better, safer and faster.

Art keeps our senses open and our minds creative.

The eye square art collection is part of our corporate identity. It helps us decipher complex phenomena and opens up new avenues for innovation. The innovation of new methods and research ideas is based on the three main pillars of inspiration.

The collection of eye square is thus a bridge to the core topic of our own research approach: the exploration of the human experience.

This is also a central subject in the research of art experience. What is still a challenge in the research of the art world, succeeds in the world of market research: to map the process of perceiving, feeling and thinking as well as possible for the customer.

Many interesting artworks by artists such as Dennis Rudolph, Joulia Strauss, Marcus Sendlinger, Ivy Lee and other gifted artists enrich our collection.

interesting art projects

eye square Kunsthalla

The art space and the use of technical innovation in art creates a connection to our mission. We seek to understand what people feel, think and do and make their experiences visible.

That’s why, in response to the lockdown, eye square has created new spaces in unused offices for artists’ exhibitions and lectures to connect the world of art and technology.

At the black bottom

How do we perceive the world around us – both the visible and the invisible? From art we can learn how human sensibilities change historically, while some aspects of perception remain unchanging.

Art, in all its forms and possibilities, has therefore long been a special concern of eye square. From ancient Greece to the digital revolution.

The Martyrs Project

These six portraits began as a pair of two. They stem from a vision of Michael Schießl, who wanted to capture the spirit of doing the right thing by commemorating the martyrdom of German heroes during World War II, with a special focus on those from Berlin.

We would like to honor a total of 20 martyrs and appreciate your interest in this project.

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