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Unmoderated UX Test

The “Unmoderated UX Test” it is about user sessions, where interactions with the desired product, aloud spoken thoughts of the users, in combination with questionnaires and success metrics of the UX team, are collected and analyzed.
For this, the add-on: smartphone eye tracking is used. Here, explicit and implicit methods are combined to get the full user perspective on the tested products.
The special: No setup is required, as only a smartphone is needed.


  • Duration max. 20 min.
  • N=6-18
  • Testing of: Live websites
Potential research questions:


  • How intuitive is it to order a product on our e-shop?
  • Why did participants make an incorrect action?
  • Why did the correct action take longer than expected?
  • Why do many users abort the order process at stage X?
What are the benefits of Unmoderated UX Test? 

Natural settings

Enriched UX metrics

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