Focus groups and in depth interviews

We love numbers. But many big issues cannot simply be reduced to a number. This is why we use focus groups and in-depth interviews. This way we obtain important feedback, new ideas and food for thought directly from your target group.


What can a conversation show better than a questionnaire? It shows you deeper motivation structures. It lets you understand the needs and values of your target audience. It brings you to new ideas. In short – it shows you the living environment of your consumers in full depth and all forms.

Understand motivational drivers, the feelings and needs of your target group with deep insights from our experts


Research questions:

  • How does your product / competitors product / design example / concept come across to the target group?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into account in the communication?
  • What are the preferences and the overall consensus of the group?



  • N=4 to 8 Subjects per group for 90-120 Min.
  • If possible, homogenous composition, for example, regarding background, age, gender and experience.



  • Wide range of views and comprehensive reflection of the strengths and weaknesses of the product.
  • Live-Tracking of the group in the observation room with one-way mirror is possible.


Research questions:

  • What specific needs do different users in your target group have?
  • What underlying behavior patterns and motivation moments affect the use of your product?



  • N=6 to 12 subjects per group for 90-120 Min.



  • Identification of unconscious motivation structures by in depth psychological interview techniques
  • Live-Tracking of the interview in the observation room with one-way mirror is possible.

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