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New smartphones are well equipped for eye-tracking with front-facing cameras. In this way, users can participate in your study with their Android and iOS devices directly from their homes or view apps/prototypes or record their attention on the go. Additionally, there are lab setups where an external eye-tracker is connected to the phone.

For over 20 years, eye square has researched in the area of visual attention at various touchpoints. Together with graduates from MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we are developing 3D-printed glasses with high-resolution cameras. The principle remains the same: a camera is directed at the environment (World Cam), and one on the pupil (Eye Cam). An algorithm projects one onto the other.


A sample of applications:

  • Reading real, paper magazines right off of a shelf
  • Use of navigation systems while driving
  • Orientation on real supermarket shelves

The Pupil Eye Tracker measures the attention of your customers in HD

In practice, what does this method look like?

Android & iOS


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