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eye square strongly believes in the power of collaboration to keep our services and methods not only up to date but to continue our push for innovation. Continuous close work with scientific institutions and universities has always been a part of eye square’s DNA and a big source of inspiration for us.


We have many reasons and motivations for pursuing our partnerships; these range from offering research solutions, supporting and funding Master or PhD candidates, and the teaching and furthering of education for our colleagues.

Discover one of our university cases studies 

Neuromarketing in the furniture trade:

Investigation on the effect of eco-labels – explicit and implicit brand knowledge

Neuromarketing im Möbelhandel

Authors: Gerstmayer J., Laber B.

St. Pölten

The future is green. Use ecolabels, they work. Eco-labels do just that: they increase the associated sustainability with the brand on an explicit level. Sustainability with the brand on an explicit level and thus strengthen the brand for the future.

Investigation of the reading behavior of a mobile news site in relation to digital advertising media using smartphone eye tracking

Authors: Wolle J.

Victoria Hochschule

In the digital age, consumers are exposed to an enormous flood of stimuli and information. The focus of this of this bachelor thesis is the question of how the placement of digital advertising media affects the attention of the reader.

The green brand:

Explicit and implicit framing effects of ecolabelling on brand knowledge

laptop green brand book

Authors: Dr. E. Karampournioti

Leibniz University Hannover

The present study applies a combined measurement approach that examines both implicit and explicit information processing to assess consumers’ brand associations related to sustainability.


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