Neurosemiotics is eye square’s integrated analysis model for understanding the human experience, i.e. feeling and experiencing brands, advertising, and products. We take up theories and insights of neuromarketing, deep psychology and social cognition to create a descriptive model that combines the often divergent categories of qualitative methods and quantitative measurement methods. The model represents the central levels of psychological representation: perception, feeling and thinking.

Levels and measurement tools of the neurosemiotic model in relation to consumer preferences and market supply

At every level, we use specific methods and measurement procedures to gain a comprehensive holistic understanding: the whole picture. Neurosemiotics is particularly applicable for marketing and market research because it describes all levels of impact (perception, implicit, explicit) in a conceptual and empirically measurable way. It is therefore suitable for the strategic management of brands, campaigns and products. The scientific background is the work of Mahzarin Banaji, Eric Kandel and Jacques Lacan.


Perception includes all senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, and tasting. To measure perception and attention, we use Eye-Tracking, electrodermal activity (EDA), and electroencephalography (EEG).

On the implicit level, we capture unconscious pre-speech, fast processes such as activation, emotions, and projections. To measure, we use implicit methods like reaction-time tests, analysis of facial expressions, and more.

On the explicit level, we capture the conscious, linguistic processes such as understanding, judgement, and intentions using procedures such as questionnaires, interviews, rating scales, and more. 


eye square neuro methods meet the newest technical standards. To measure brain activity during brand contact, eye square uses the latest Brain-Computer Interface EEGs and our software to capture data and analyse.

In conjunction with the other implicit, real-time, brain-activity indicators, brain-activity itself constitutes an important contribution.

University research with eye square – Neuromarketing

“With the combination of a well-founded, neuro-economics focused survey and the analyses of holistic brand effect, the effectiveness and efficiency of brand management can be objectively and analytically tested and ensured without having to fight subjective-led warfare”. “


Bresinsky, P., Schießl, M., von den Brincken, C.: Nerven – Zeichen – Wege: Erkenntnisse der Neurosemiotik für erfolgreiche Außenwerbung

Nominated for Best Paper BVM Congress 2012

Dr. Nadine Hennigs and Dr. Steffen Schmidt, Leibniz University Hanover for determining integrated brand performance against explicit and implicit survey techniques.

Steffen Schmidt, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Philipp Reiter, Christina Kurlbaum: Anticipating the Effects of Marketing Communication: A Neuroeconomic Framework for Marketing Purposes

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The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science

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