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Online Test For In-Store Marketing And Displays


Quantitative testing of POP materials offers a unique research approach that allows one to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of various marketing materials, including key visuals and stand-up displays. With the online approach, testing is done quickly and cost-effectively throughout all phases of development.

Test the effectiveness of in-store materials
before roll out

Test stimuli are presented in context

Test stimuli are presented in context

Experimental study design: monadic A/B test – Online survey with eye tracking and implicit measurement

When working with key visuals, designs are evaluated as stand-alone images, and/or integrated into a contextual image of the category, for example, stand-up displays. These online evaluations can be conducted as A/B tests online with large samples.


From the last 20 years of our in-store shopper research we know that a) the shopper’s attention is hard to get and b) attention spans at the POS are really short. So it´s important to stick out with an easy message that appeals to hearts and minds.


To make sure the precious attention you might get is used most effectively, we combine subconscious and conscious measurements addressing Visual Perception (System 0), Implicit Feeling (System 1) and Explicit Processing (System 2). This holistic approach also shows where is potential to increase the impact.



Topics covered:

  • Visibility & stand out
  • Implicit reactions (feelings)
  • Awareness
  • Recall
  • Likability
  • Understanding & clarity
  • Brand fit
  • Purchase intention.

These results can then be compared alongside a large database of benchmarks.


The report contains:

  • Management summary and actionable recommendations
  • Report cards for visual attention, heat maps
  • Implicit BrandReact scores
  • Top2s from the survey

Output examples:

The heat map shows hotspots of attention

Report card for visual attention


This approach allows for deep psychological insights and helps to provide guidelines for a customer-centric communication strategy for the POS.

Workshops, Events & Webinars

We regularly conduct workshops about the general rules of POPM and display creation with our clients and our experts are also giving talks and webinars about these topics.

Christian Göldner speaking at the EuroShop 2020


Whatever your needs may be, we can offer you insights through a variety of study solutions. We can also prepare a bespoke proposal tailored to fit you.

Christian Göldner © Foto by Keckeis Krupna

Christian Göldner



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