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Live eCommerce A/B Test on mobile

Understand the impact of your product by pre-testing live on eCommerce sites.

eye square offers a unique tool for market researchers, eCategory managers and marketing professionals to pre-test their products live on mobile sites and alongside their competitors: the eCommerce A/B Test. Testing in a live environment allows for natural shopper behavior and more accurate results

Inject pack images into retailers sites & see how consumers interact with your product.

A/B testing on category, search results and product pages

Key elements of the product tile: Prices, Promotions, Visuals and Descriptions

With the eCommerce A/B Test, we can answer key questions including…


  • How do new products perform in a competitive environment?
  • Which pack images trigger shoppers to interact?
  • What impact do prices and promotions have on conversion?
  • How do reviews influence product choice?

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