Understand the impact of your product by pre-testing on eCommerce sites.

eye square offers a unique tool for market researchers, eCategory managers and marketing professionals to pre-test their products on mobile and desktop sites and alongside their competitors: the eCommerce A/B Test. Testing in a real environment allows for natural shopper behavior and more accurate results.

Inject pack images into retailers sites & see how consumers interact with your product.


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A/B testing on category, search results and product pages

Key elements of the product tile: Prices, Promotions, Visuals and Descriptions

With the eCommerce A/B Test, we can answer key questions including…


  • How do new products perform in a competitive environment?
  • Which pack images trigger shoppers to interact?
  • What impact do prices and promotions have on conversion?
  • How do reviews influence product choice?

Do you want to learn from our study results? Check out our shopper research and eCom case studies

As an innovative market research company, eye square combines psychology, science and technology to help companies better understand the most important people in your business: Your customers. Since 1999, eye square has conducted studies in the field of shopper experience research and e-commerce research and compiled valuable insights from them in white papers and case studies. Benefit from our experience and explore our findings:

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