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Measure satisfaction with your product against the benchmark

Online tests and surveys


Sample size: N=100+ per relevant target group


Evaluation of your product’s UX


Clicked paths analysis and search words analysis


Recruitment via panel, user lists or directly on your website

Quantitative, comparable, convincing.
We provide the UX numbers to your website.

Quantitative, comparable, convincing, we provide the UX numbers for your website


Measurement of user behaviour, scaled evaluations and quantitative surveys


We offer full service: global panel management, recruiting, questionnaire development, programming and hosting


Compare yourself with your competitors or measure how your product has developed over time, with our benchmarks you always know where you stand.


Early detection of trends allows control measures to be initiated in a timely manner


Data analysis using multivariate statistics, driver analysis and segmentation possible (e.g. structural equation modeling)

Compare your product with our benchmarks. Our UX model makes the quantification of user experience easy.

We invite users online and measure their user behavior on your website, i.e., click, search, scrolling, navigation. On request, we can exchange elements and do A/B tests. We can also alter the visual designs and test what works best.

We rely as well on the implicit measurement of the success factors and benchmarking with the competition. Thus, we advise you how easy or difficult your flows are compared to the competition and where you can optimise your conversions.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us.

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