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Who we are

eye square is a psychologically oriented, international market research institute.


We offer a unique live approach that implicitly and explicitly defines human experience and their feelings in the digital sphere. For 19 years now, we have been the innovation leader in the application of technology-based methods. Our services include consulting, research and technology on Brand and Media Experience, Shopper Experience and User Experience.

Implicit approaches are key for us to get a deep qualitative and quantitative understanding of what people really experience and what drive them. We enrich the classic methods of market research by live in context, eye-tracking, reaction time measurement, emotion recognition, behavioral analysis and neurosemiotics. The underlying unique technologies are partially patented and available in all common online and offline panels.

With headquarters in Berlin, eye square currently has more than 300 global customers in 5 locations: Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. In total, we are 72 employees with an interdisciplinary background, dedicated to their mission with enthusiasm, curiosity and clear orientation for action. What we do is transparent, real and causal. Our recommendations are meant to be inspiring and clear.

This knowledge gives our customers the decisive knowledge lead over their competitors. The success of our customers confirms this. For example: Allianz, Axel Springer, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, eBay, Google, Facebook, Otto, PayPal, Roche, Seven One Media, Tencent, and many more.

We are members of the federal association Deutscher Markt and social researchers BVM, the German Chapter of the UPA and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research ESOMAR.

Mit Hauptsitz in Berlin hat eye square aktuell über 300 globale Kunden an 6 Standorten: Berlin, London, Seoul, New York, Tokio und Hong Kong. 72 Mitarbeiter mit interdisziplinärem Background, widmen sich Ihrem Auftrag mit Begeisterung, Neugierde und klarer Handlungsorientierung. Was wir machen ist transparent, real und kausal. Unsere Empfehlungen haben den Anspruch inspirierend und klar zu sein. Dieses Wissen gibt unseren Kunden den entscheidenden Erkenntnisvorsprung gegenüber ihren Wettbewerbern. Der Erfolg unserer Kunden bestätigt uns darin.


Wir sind Mitglied des Bundesverbandes Deutscher Markt und Sozialforscher BVM, des German Chapter der UPA und der European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research ESOMAR.

Company Facts


User Experience,
Brand & Media,
Shopper Research
72 Consultants,
5 Locations: Berlin, London, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong
Implicit Brand Research with Innovative Tools On and Off-Line
Academic Co-Operation:
Technical University Berlin, Leibniz University Hannover,
Yale University, Humboldt University of Berlin
2007 BVM German Market Research Prize
2014 Best Papaer Award (ESOMAR), Best Presentation Award (Der Markentag 2014) & IAB Research Award

eye square’s USPs



means as real as possible.

Live In Context technology integrates UX and brand research within a natural context.


This approach makes it possible to modify and test products and communication live and in context. The underlying technology implements A/B designs and captures user-response data on highly interactive and dynamic media. This allows the aggregation of data between respondents and stimuli, and develops consistent benchmarking. Parts of the technology are protected by a US patent.



eye square methods are leading worldwide. They combine implicit and explicit approaches.


eye square combines the analysis of attention, implicit and explicit psychological processes. That allows us concrete, in-depth and valid knowledge. All procedures are available online and offline. eye square uses the neurosemotic model to qualitatively understand the meaning of consumer signals.



eye square tools take up existing interfaces and are securely and automatically integrated into the environment.


Eye tracking, emotion measurement and reaction times are available online and we make sure to build on existing interfaces. Live Receptivity technology can be integrated into dashboards and panel apps and automated through the platform’s REST API. Benefit from our speed through many years of expertise!

Three Areas of Expertise

People have many different points of contacts with brands and products.
Almost always, emotional, unconscious or difficult to describe processes are involved.

Research in more than 35 countries

Headquarter Berlin
eye square GmbH
Schlesische Straße 29-30
10997 Berlin

Office London

Office Tokyo

Office New York

Office Hong Kong

Benchmark Data Bases

eye square has one of the world’s largest benchmark databases on user behavior at various touchpoints. It currently contains more than 4,000 websites, apps and interactive applications, more than 10,000 advertisements, 430 brands implicitly located. So far, about 400,000 testers and 4,700 ads have been tested with the live in-context technology.


Depending on the size, the benchmarks are configured for your industry, your target country, and other variables.

This allows us meta-analysis and enables us to analyze the performance of your touchpoint in comparison to competitors.