Art collection “Am schwarzen Grund”

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How do we perceive the world, both the visible and invisible, around us? From art, we can learn how human sensitivities historically change, as well as which aspects of perception remain unaltered.


Art, in all its forms and possibilities, has long been a special passion of eye square. From Greek antiquity to the digital revolution, eye square’s art collection makes daring references to all, past, present, and to the unknown future.


Our desire to reconcile past and present finds expression in the ‘double location’ of our art collection: it is not only exhibited in our offices on the banks of the Spree River in Berlin but also in a virtual museum modeled on the time-honored Petersburg Kunstkammer.


eye square invites you to learn more about the collection and movement “am schwarzen Grund” with an explanation by art historian Katharina Weinstock.

Experience the virtual art collection yourself

You can download and install the latest version of the eye square art collection for Android under the following link:

Don’t have a cardboard or the right mobile phone OS? No problem, you can visit the installation in 2D on your computer: Linux, MacOSX oder Windows.

Instructions for the installation on Android smartphones:


Your phone will warn you before downloading that files of this type can cause damage to your device and will ask if you still want to keep the file. Confirm Ok- our installation is safe! After downloading, you must open the file. The phone may warn you again that you cannot install apps from unknown sources for security reasons. In this case, tap on Settings in the dialog and then on “Allow installation of unofficial apps” (if necessary, “Trust this source”) and continue with the installation. Now start the app, place your phone in a cardboard case, and put it on.


You are now in the eye square art collection.




  • Look down to move forward slowly.
  • Raise your gaze to stop. You can turn your head in any direction to look at the surroundings, the building, the artwork, and even the sky outside.
  • In the middle of your visual field is a small white dot with which you can target and activate interactive elements.
  • You will come across red arrows at various points, which will teleport you to the next level of the collection if you stare at them for a short duration of time.
  • To close the app, remove your phone from the cardboard case and tap the X in the upper left corner.

Art Events by eye square Kunsthalla

The eye square Kunsthalle is an innovative gallery space that combines perception, technology, and in recent years art. The inspiration is behind the interdisciplinary connection we have created between one of our core themes in market research, the human experience and the use of insights technologies, and the perception and art in recent years.


With that being said, for the past two years the Kunsthalle art collection has expanded its collection which featured a variety of artworks from digital art, abstract painting, acrylic collages, sculptures, and more! Currently, the exhibition has artworks from established artists like Dennis Rudolph, Marcus Sendlinger, and Joulia Strauss.


The indisicplinary combination between an art space that combines innovation with our mission is to understand what humans feel, think, and do – to see their experience.


Therefore this year in response to the lockdown, eyesquare dedicated its unused office space to exhibit artists and lectures connecting the world of art and technology. Building discourse upon psychological theory to offer the best understanding of perception is what makes us innovative.

You can find an overview of current and past events of the eye square Kunsthalla here:

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