Measure the gut feeling towards your brand – brand strategy, management and communication.

It is difficult to put the gut feeling about brands into words but this is what drives most purchasing decisions. The Harvard marketing professor Gerald Zaltman believes that unconscious attitudes determine 95% or our purchasing behavior.

If you can’t describe implicit behaviors, how do you measure them?

The eye square BRANDREACT is a further development of the implicit association tests.

The e2 BRANDREACT is further development of the implicit association tests.

Implicit brand measurement has three major advantages:

sensitive – Changes in brand image are detected earlier. Changes brought about by contact with an advertisement are visible.

valid – The buying decision is essentially predicted.

Less susceptible to response bias – People can only marginally willfully influence the reaction time for brand associations.

We supplement implicit brand measurement with explicit ratings.  These are long proven and show other brand associations than the implicit method. The study “Implicit Impact” has shown that the combination of implicit and explicit measurement methods allows the best possible behavior predictions. Thus 80% of purchasing decisions at a shampoo shelf can be accurately predicted.


Success Stories:

The German television network SIXX tested two versions of an advertising campaign for a new series. The e2 BRANDREACT showed a significant increase in strength for the more innovative version.  SIXX thus achieved the highest ratings in the channel’s history.


The global fashion chain TK Maxx examined its new TV campaign on the german market. The e2 BRANDREACT was the only tool that showed a clear distinction between three variants. The campaign was a great success in the german market.


The e2 BRANDREACT correlated with the purchasing decision of consumer goods from various sectors (First Choice) in a study of three major German online marketers (Brands in (E)motion, 2011).

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