Understand the excitement of your customers and see it in their faces

Emotional analysis allows you to benefit from the findings of the automated detection of participants’ facial expressions and thus helps you to better understand what emotionally touches and appeals to your customers.


Why do some commercials fascinate consumers and others don’t?
Things that are particularly funny, beautiful and breathtaking are remembered the best.


Brands today have to stand out emotionally from the competition. In this way, they can attract attention, tell successful stories and win over the hearts of consumers. Our analysis of emotional facial expressions can help you doing so.

Emotional communication is the key to successful marketing

Differentiate yourself from your competition with a deep understanding of how your product speaks to consumers

Our technology analyzes universal facial expressions – because a smile looks the same on everyone’s face. Learning algorithms recognize the most important, globally uniform facial expressions. We analyse – as shown here as an example scene by scene analysis – the most important emotions such as joy, surprise and frustration.

The small moments in which advertising makes people smile, new features on websites cause amazement and new products on the shelf surprise consumers become recognizable with Facial Expression Tracking.


Emotion analysis through Facial Emotion Tracking is scientifically proven, culturally universal and applicable to a variety of topics and stimuli.

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