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Usability Test

How does the user experience your interactive product?

UX Single user sessions (60 – 90 Min)


Sample size: N=6 to 24


In the lab, in your facility or remotely


You will receive prioritised optimisation recommendations and statements on how your product compares to the industry benchmark

The classic approach in user experience research


Your target group uses your website/app in a task-based UX study


You and your team can watch live how users of your target group manage with your site either in the lab or online


Detailed evaluation of your product and, if applicable, comparison of designs or with competitor products


Detailed results, e.g., detailed PowerPoint report with concrete recommendations for action and highlight videos


The most important usability problems clearly arranged, prioritised according to severity level


Our recommendation: eye tracking for attention analysis whether desktop or mobile? Are all relevant contents noticed and/or texts read?


Also possible: Emotion analysis with facial emotion tracking! How do your users react emotionally to your site? What pleases, what annoys them?

The Classic in User Experience Research

We classify your product with our Usability Score and compare it to comprehensive industry benchmarks.

Our benchmarks are comprehensive and built over the years from various industries including Automotive, eCommerce, and Pharma.


We have seen countless websites. Draw inspiration from our action-oriented recommendations.

Observe natural interaction and ask the right questions

The eye square mobile app allows diverse study solutions from questionnaires to A/B testings of your mobile website.

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