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Eye Tracking

Predicting interest and understanding focus with Eye Tracking

In communication, visual attention sets the precendent for all further processing steps. With variations depending on the industry, 85% of consumers give visual attention the most important role in product communication. This makes it an indispensable component for understanding how communication affects brand image.

Measuring and optimizing the path into your consumers’ conciousness

Since 1999, we have been focused on the attention of the consumer

eye square has been a leader in the development of eye tracking for over 20 years and is a pioneer in the combination and application of eye tracking in market research. We develop our own exclusive high-end software needed for performance and analysis. Only with this can we clearly understand the attention process and draw real value from the analysis.

Perception under competitive pressure

We picture the ideal visual contact between brand and customers as:

  • Your communication gets to the customer at the right time.
  • The customers’ gaze don’t just move on, allowing for the visual to reach into the customers’ conciousness.
  • The customer explores and processes the displayed information completely.


In the presence of the diverse stimuli and motivations of our everyday life, this process of successful communication is rarely achieved. We focus on less than 1/3 of visible elements in media and products; of the focused media, less than 15% is completely comprehended at all.

We evaluated 62 elements of an e-commerce site, 23 TV spots (observed in a competitive environment (magazine and mobile devices), and 75 product offers on a cosmetic shelf.

4 Recording methods