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Set the right stimuli in order to activate the shopper to purchase

Appealing emotionally to consumers is a modern challenge in all shopping environments. Packaging that communicate on a multi-sensory level offer businesses the chance to stand out and inspire consumers. Not only do they explain product advantages, but also tell stories that create a platform for the brand to shine.


Your advantages at a glance

Gain package design validation through our unique research approach. Through our online feature this can all be done quicklyinexpensively and efficiently. For large samples, we test packaging in standardized tests, or in the studio for qualitative insights and a deep understanding of the impression given by the designs.


With implicit measurement we get closer to the shopper impulses and understanding processes that are often not explained rationally.


From the very beginning of package development, all the way through to final design stages, we will be there to ensure the effectiveness of your packaging design decisions.

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