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eye square is one of the world’s leading providers of implicit and in context market research technologies. The technology we are providing is used to measure experience, consumer behavior, advertising impact and neuro marketing. In addition, we offer measurement in other relevant market research topics. Furthermore, our software solutions are developed in-house by our development team and offered to our customers in an automated, integrated and licensable way. All our techniques, tools and questionnaires, from implicit to in context testing are in fact available as online solutions.



Live In Context Research allows you to test ads on live websites, on TV, in print and additionally out-of-home advertising. The technology experimentally measures the effect of a product or an ad creation on the consumers. Further, it analyzes the responses of people in a dynamic and also authentic environment, e.g., on e-commerce websites or in a personal social media newsfeed. This leads to a realistic reception and undeniably effective insights. 



Eye tracking can surprisingly be conducted in four different ways: webcam eye tracking, mobile eye tracking, desktop eye tracking and finally virtual reality eye tracking – depending on context and needs. Therefore, we develop our own exclusive high-end eye tracking software, which is needed for the performance and the analysis of eye-tracking data. Only in this way, can we clearly understand the process of attention and additionally extract real value from the analysis. 



Implicit approaches consist of the following methods: emotion analysis (FET, EDA), reaction time measurement and lastly neuro indicators. In all measurements, we have unquestionably extensive global benchmarks, academic and market validations. Implicit approaches are indeed a key for us to get a deep qualitative and quantitative understanding of what people really experience and as a result what drives them. 



Examples of successfully conducted studies with our clients:

“Measuring Multi-Screen Around the World”


For Facebook, eye square carried out the most comprehensive, global multiscreen eye-tracking ethnography ever. Therefore, we visited 763 study participants from six countries (Germany, France, England, USA, Brazil, Indonesia) in their households. For the measurement, eye square has used a unique, mobile combination of HD Eye Tracking, content recording and encoding. The approach did not only allow to determine attention windows on the various devices, but also to detect what content was seen on which screen. Here are the results of the study.

“The Big Emotion Study 2017”


In order to optimally capture the emotions of the participants, a large canon of implicit measurement methods was used in addition to eye tracking: skin conductance measurement, facial emotion tracking and reaction time measurement. The aim of the comprehensive experimental genre study was to describe the contact qualities of different media channels. The results are summarized here.

“Think Insights with Google: Eye Tracking Study – Perception of search and display advertising Mobile vs Desktop”


A significant increase in mobile phone usage and smartphone penetration worldwide, has led to an increased interest in mobile websites. Therefore a study based on mobile eye tracking was conducted to analyse the effects of mobile advertising on mobile websites, compared to regular websites and advertising. Amongst other, the results have shown that although people view mobile websites for less time than when using a desktop, their attention is more focused and can be directed to the most relevant area of the site.

Learn the main results of the study here.

Award of German Market Research 2007 „Study of the Year“ for eBay and eye square


eye square & eBay were awarded in 2007 for the study of the year for measuring the advertising effectiveness of eBay online advertising.
Most approaches to measure the effectiveness of online marketing only consider the relationship between clicks on an ad and the revenue generated by it. eye square showed in this study a positive correlation between the contact with online advertising and the buying activity on the eBay website – even without having clicked on the advertising banner! The results of the study can be read here.



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