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eye square Web-Seminar Archive

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Webinar Series “Neo Normality”


​​​​We are excited to invite you to our new webinar series with various speakers and formats continuing through May and June 2020. We assume that about half of the changes we have seen might endure the resurgence from the crisis, with some 20% of people adopting radical new outlooks and ways of business and consumption. Let’s explore these changes and possible scenarios together in the coming weeks. To make neo normality a better normality for us all.


In our upcoming series of webinars, seminars, and interviews, we will introduce you to leading research experts from various fields, ranging from market researchers to university scholars, to discuss what they see as the most prevalent trends in terms of media, user and human experience in the times of NEO NORMALITY.

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“Neo Normality”

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Recordings of past web-seminars

Powerful Combination: InContext Technology and Smartphone Eye-Tracking


The synergy of smartphone eye-tracking and in-context research environments enables researchers to combine fast quantitative testing and in-depth answers. The standardized experimental approach from eye square provides the ideal setting for large-scale eye-tracking research. This allows for identifying the drivers of success for a product or creation. In this session, Jeff Bander and Philipp Reiter explore how eye-tracking can be brought to the next level with the right research environments.

event neu

eCommerce Success – Customer and User Experience Research Insights


In our second eye square event, our UX & eCommerce experts and guests discussed and showed the latest methods and research insights in customer experience research. This time, we had Kirstin Driemeier (Senior Market Research Manager, ABOUT YOU), Dominik Unser-Nad, Florian Passlick, and Felix Metger (eye square experts) among our speakers. Discover a wide range of insights, interviews and presentations!

Reaching Young Customers: How Engagement with Video Drives Advertising Success on TikTok


How can a modern lifestyle brand approach young audiences with video? Which media channels are more effective? And how does viewer engagement relate to ad effectiveness?  This presentation by Dr. Matthias Rothensee and Jeff Bander shows results from a case study about a novel product category using eye square’s InContext Testing platform to test ads in social media channels. They compare how young consumers (aged 18-29) react to a classic pre-roll on YouTube vs. an influencer post on TikTok.

Generating E-Commerce Insights – The New Joy of Experimenting


In his webinar, Felix Metger introduces a technology that allows market researchers to experiment in a closed “e-commerce sandbox” – in a fully controlled testing environment. By combining behavioral and survey data in a single source dataset, A/B testing provides the insights that are otherwise hidden to the industry.


Information about the customer’s experience at the digital point of sale is generated before launch. Marketing teams thus have the opportunity to influence purchase decisions to ensure product and brand success on e-commerce platforms.

“Our Heads and Hearts”: How Understanding Emotional Responses Helps Brands Support Vaccination Efforts


Is emotional messaging any more effective in influencing skeptical viewers? eye square and Affectiva deep dive into the results of new research looking at what role brands can play in leading the COVID-19 vaccination efforts and how they might tailor their messaging to the context in which the advertising is shown.


In the study, the emotional analysis is enhanced by typical key metrics on advertising effectiveness. It also includes a detailed investigation on implicit brand images using eye square’s BrandReact.

Shopping behavior as the new advertising currency


The trend towards marketing e-commerce platforms on social media channels has continued to grow. But how do advertising contacts affect actual buying behavior on e-commerce platforms? With Amazon as the advertising and sales world, eye square is the first to correlate the effect of a campaign contact directly with behavior in the online store and measure user reactions at the individual stations in the shopping funnel.


In the new web seminar, Stefan Schönherr (Unit Lead Brand and Media) and Lisa Neumann (Research Consultant Brand & Media) analyze successful social media creations that bring more attention to the advertised product in the Amazon product overview and explain how YouTube and Instagram ads differ.

System 0 is the key to success with systems 1 & 2 – See The Experience – Human Insight Technologies


In the scientific community, people most often distinguish only between sys1 and sys2, and consequently have to put PERCEPTION into one of the buckets, then of course sys1 would be more suitable than sys2. But our unique claim is that there is a third system, independent of the two, which is system 0 that captures the pure physical-neurological perception. In this webinar, Ephraim Jeff Bander will show how we can make use of our knowledge on system 0 for ad testing in the natural environment. Here, respondents are not aware of ads being tested and implicit consumer response and explicit behavior are recorded.

Perception and shopper behavior: How to make in-store communication a success


Christian Göldner explains the openness of buyers to in-store communication through the eye square receptivity model. The model helps to understand buyer perception and behavior from a psychological point of view during the different phases of the In-Store Shopper Journey. It also shows when shoppers are receptive to and what kind of communication. In addition to general insights and best practices, we are offering a quick online test for in-store materials. Register now- we look forward to meeting you!


03.11.2020 | 11 am | Christian Göldner | 40 Minutes

eye square @ Woche der Marktforschung


Together with many industry representatives, the “Week of Market Research” (in german: Woche der Marktforschung – WdM) starts on October 5th. Discover the new online festival of the industry, presented by marktforschung.de. Join Stefan Schönherr and Lisa Neumann for their Ad-to-Store Effect web-seminar, have a discussion with Julia Dr. Nitschke and Dominik Unser-Nad about UX Remote Methods, and learn about automated ad pretests in a tool pitch!

Register for free and meet us virtually at our online events during the Woche der Markforschung:

The UX Quick Test: how online benchmarking efficiently reveals strengths and weaknesses of apps and websites (held in German)


In our web seminar we will deal with efficient and fast possibilities of UX measurement. Does the web presence or app look attractive and inspiring to new and established users? What are the strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition? Carina de López will present insights from our UX Online Benchmarking, which show that the implicit first impression is decisive. Get updates about the eCommerce, insurance, and travel industries!
Register now, we are looking forward to meeting you!

System 0: Perception & Eye-Tracking (Web-Seminar in German)


With System 0 we will introduce the model of perception that goes beyond implicit and explicit explanations. For this purpose, we at eye square reanalyzed the extensive attention data collected over the last ten years. The moment of attention is basically pure perception (SYSTEM 0) – i.e. neither cognitive nor implicit/emotional centers are hit. However, its receptive quality can still help you to build longer relationships. Philipp Reiter and Michelle Pia Grätsch explain how you can build your brand story from this short but valuable moment of attention.

eCom Effects: From Ad Contact into the Shopping Cart


How do advertising contacts affect the actual buying behavior on eCommerce platforms? Using Amazon as the ultimate advertising and sales platform, eye square correlates the effect of a campaign contact directly with the behavior of shoppers in an online shop for the first time. Learn how a successful social media creation needs be to attract attention in the Amazon product overview, how YouTube and Instagram Ads differ in terms of their purchase activation on Amazon, and which Instagram ads lead to the most clicks on Amazon.

In Context Research: How digital tools ensure success in eCommerce and social media


In this web-seminar, Carina de Lopez and Felix Metger took a close look at digital touchpoints and use three case studies to explain what successful product and brand communication can look like. Especially in times of crisis, a deeper understanding of different e-commerce online tools can help to align products, shops and communication with the changed consumer perception – until we hopefully soon reach new normality.

UX Research in Times of Corona: How do remote methods perform?


An exchange on the experiences, tools and learnings with eye square (Dr. Julia Nitschke, Director Digital & Consulting and Dominik Unser-Nad, UX Research Consultant) and the Techniker Krankenkasse (Meike Koldorf, User Experience & Product Design and Christopher Gollnow, Brand and Marketing)
After having conducted all UX tests exclusively remotely over the last two months, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages in comparison to tests in the lab.

Navigating to Normality? How Germans live with the Coronavirus in May


How are German citizens working their way through their third month of crisis? Julian Seuffert and Matthias Rothensee present results from the third wave of eye square’s implicit Corona study series. They show, how German people struggle to interpret the situation, striking a balance between ignorance and fear.

“Rising from Crisis – Scenarios and Foresight beyond Corona”


In the opening session of our series on the new normality CEO Michael Schiessl hosted two experts from the field of foresighting and crisis management while guiding us through eye square’s unique 4-phase-crisis-model. Willi Schroll (strategiclabs.de) is doing future studies and foresight since 1995. Jan-Philipp Görtz (eye square) was long-time Director for International Affairs at Lufthansa.



At eye square we have gathered and re-analyzed our tremendous treasure of attention data over the last decade. With system0 we will introduce the perception model that goes beyond implicit and explicit explanations.

Before the crisis struck, we had just finished and published groundbreaking research on how people perceive visual information. The astonishing result: You have 2.5 seconds to make an impact. This kind of insight is even more true in times of crisis as people’s attention becomes even more fragmented – yet focused in small bursts. You can make those seconds count.



Carina de Lopez guides you through this session with a focus on digital relations and activations in e-commerce. Three of our latest developments of technological research methods will be presented with example case studies from each field:


Instagram – Ad Effects on eCom

eCom A/B test – Digital shopper optimization.

UX Online Benchmarking



Main Learning from studies conducted by Telekom or Shell will be introduced and our own findings of the three main research projects on Corona be presented. To make this knowledge available to the public, we have created the Corona Experience Center – an open platform designed to help decision-makers and the media in times of crisis. Here, we regularly publish new study results on the perception, reactions and behavior of the population during the Coronavirus crisis.

CORONA WEB-SEMINAR SERIES: (1) Introduction “Relations in times of Corona”


Michael Schießl introduces the upcoming topics and speakers and dicusses the psychological perspective of human experience in general and also during the ongoing crisis.



In the web-seminar, CEO Michael Schießl focuses on the connections between perception and ad effect. His presentation shows results of the extensive meta-analysis, consisting of 320 studies with over 340,000 participants. He introduces the underlying methods InContext and eye tracking and presents implications for advertisers.



Take a new approach to predict shopping behavior and strengthen your research through the use of behavioral metrics pulled from free exploration browsing. This web-seminar with Jeff (Ephraim) Bander und Gareth Tuck will cover the direct impact of in-feed ads from brands like Nike, Bose, and L’Oréal on the e-commerce shopping experience.




In this web-seminar, CTO Andreas Thölke presents eye square’s In Context Platform – an insightful, authentic and at the same time secure and panel-friendly experimental environment for determining touch point experience. In Context Testing enables valid product and advertising tests in popular environments such as Amazon, Hulu, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.



In the web-seminar with Carina de López (Unit Lead User Experience Research) you will discover the limits of rationality and gain insights into best practices and use cases of implicit UX research in the automotive industry. The web-seminar was originally presented at ScaleUp360 Car HMI by we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH. Recording and materials are in English.



In this web-seminar, Senior Research Consultant Christian Göldner presents insights and best practices on in-store marketing materials. With the Receptivity Model we lead through the In Store Journey and show when shoppers are open for certain communication offers. Using vivid examples, important guidelines for optimal display design will be conveyed.



In the web-seminar with Carolin Gräfe it is all about the current hotspots of our digital lives – smartphones and social media. We present insights from our user and social media research on mobile personas and advertising impact cases of campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. We will also give current insights into our media benchmark on advertising perception!