Stefan Schönherr

Vice President Brand & Media Experience and Partner

Since 2007, Stefan Schönherr has been working as a brand and media specialist in the Brand and Media Experience unit at eye square. After six years of gaining invaluable knowledge within the company, Stefan became the head of his unit in 2013 and is a Partner since 2018.


Stefan conducts quantitative studies on the understanding of media genres and media use. He is not only interested in new online display advertising formats and social media, but also the importance of the printed word in the modern media landscape.


Stefan has  investigated the effects of special forms of advertising in the print sector. He leads internationally acclaimed studies such as “Power of Creation” (IAB Research Award, 2016) and “Display Werbung wirkt implizit” (BVM Innovation Award nomination, 2011).


Stefan moderates workshops on digital creation and regularly speaks at conferences.


Stefan Schönherr is an expert in advertising impact research, implicit methods and media experience


Directed the award-winning studies “Display wirkt implizit” (2011) and “Power of Creation” (2016)


Regularly gives presentations and talks and writes for journals such as Horizont


  • Schönherr, S., Moughrabi, C. (2018). Von Emotionen geleitet – Studie zu Medienrezeption und Werbewirkung. In: Research & Results 5/2018.
  • Rothensee, M. Schönherr, S. (2017). The Robot Uprising – Herausforderungen in der automatisierten Marktforschung, Planung und Analyse, 4/2017
  • Schönherr, S. Hildebrandt, M. (2022). Track The Success – Grundlagenstudie zu Wahrnehmung und Reaktion auf Bewegtbildplattformen, Screen Force



Stefan Schönherr

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