Activation | Skin Conductance Accurately Measured | eye square
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Skin conductance accurately measures sensitivity without us being aware of it

Emotions do not only manifest themselves in our facial expressions. Activation – situations such as how bored or stressed we are, are best measured by skin conductance.

We all know the feeling of a stunning chase in a film or a malfunctioning form on a website can give us heart palpitations, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

Set yourself apart from your competitors with emotional product differentiation

Scientifically proven, culturally universal – the expression is the language that all people speak.

Skin conductance measures how active our mind is second to second sensitively, accurately and without our knowledge.


This helps to understand which proportion of a television program captivates a viewer and which does not.


Most importantly, when the subject is in a state of optimal activation they understand and process your advertising message much better than if they are bored or over-activated.