Skin conductance accurately measures participants’ activation levels – without us being aware of it

We all know the feeling of a stunning chase in a film or when we are being confronted with malfunctioning form on a website. These events can make our hearts skip: sometimes in a positive way, but sometimes also negatively.


Activation levels – our mental state indicating stress, relexation or boredom –  can be best measured through skin conductance.

Understand the activation performance of your creations and optimize the dramaturgical effect

Skin conductance levels measure our mental activation sensitively and without unnatural interferences

Activation can help us understand which parts of a television programme captivate viewers and which parts do not. When consumers are in a state of optimal activation, they understand and process your advertising messages much better than when they are bored or overactivated.


The second-by-second analysis of skin conductance of our participants helps you create appealing content and optimize dramaturgical elements for your customers.


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