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Retail Media Test



The Retail Media Test (RMT) is a new tool for increasing conversion rates by assessing and improving design, placement, and content of your advertisement in real retailer site environments. 


Using our successful In-Context technology, RMT is a quick, experimental testing approach that gives you the advantage of learning about the experience of customers at the digital Point of Sale beforehand. This enables you to improve the effectiveness of your assets and identify ways to influence purchase decisions. Amazon Testing Platform is part of our Retail Media Test Solution.

Show your test ad in
the authentic retailer context

Track viewing durations
and click through rates

Measure product and brand
choice in competitor environment

Shopper decisions are mostly made subconsciously. For ecommerce professionals, this simple fact presents a need to better understand their creative assets: not in an abstarct sense, but in the real context.


The RMT approach combining behavioral and conventional research methods enables you to iteratively test your assets and to tap into System 1 implicit data for a deeper understanding of your customers’ real shopper experience.

Retail Media Testing – Assuring your success in retail marketing

eye square’s Retail Media Test enables you to pre-test brand and product ads, providing unique guidance to optimize your offerings, develop effective advertising solutions, and successfully execute retail media campaigns. Through its thorough analysis of creative positioning and formatting, RMT enables a better understanding of the overall retail experience.


Attention spans at the POS are short; even more so in the digital sphere with its multitude of visual stimuli. Human experience depends on the digital context: emotionally evocative images and words are a major key to open up consideration for your product — and in turn, increase sales.


The Retail Media Test is tailor-made for eCommerce managers, insight departments and marketing managers at FMCG, consumer electronics, healthcare, and fashion companies. Learn from the pioneers in the area of retail marketing with our best-practice database. RTM helps advertisers boost product visibility, optimize creatives, understand shopper experience and pre-test brands, products, and ads before launch. We measure the contact effect of your brand/product across digital touchpoints resulting in an increase of ROI.

Retail Marketing – an essential part of the post-Corona world?

With a new shopping reality emerging in the post-COVID era, digital sales channels are dramatically increasing in importance, with retail media representing a large share of this growth. Estimates say that already about 50% of product searches now begin on Amazon. Retail marketing helps you to utilize traffic and reach of major shopping sites and market places, with the potential to considerably increase sales of your products.

In a crowded marketplace, understanding shoppers’ experience is the key to optimizing your placements for maximum success. 


Understanding System 0 – Visual attention

A combination of the RMT and eye tracking allows for another level of consumer understanding. This empowers build up of in-house intellectual capital for future success.

Screenshot of an eye tracking video

Attention in the digital sphere is short

From numerous eye tracking studies in bricks & mortar stores, we know how hard it is to capture shoppers sparse attention while shopping; in the digital environment attention spans are even shorter.


Brief attention can have a value

Even if ads are only seen for a short period of time, if placed correctly and utilizing optimal visual cues, they can greatly influence consumer decision making.

Adding an eye tracking module to a RMT can provide an additional layer of insights into how shoppers perceive your digital assets.

Are you looking for testing your ads on Amazon only? Find out more on our Amazon Testing Platform here.

Would you like to test your new product design quickly and easily online and alongside your competitors? Then find out more about our eCommerce A/B Test here.

Do you want to learn from our study results? Check out our shopper research case studies:

As an innovative market research company, eye square combines psychology, science and technology to help companies better understand the most important people in your business: Your customers. Since 1999, eye square has conducted studies in the field of shopper experience research and e-commerce research and compiled valuable insights from them in white papers and case studies. Benefit from our experience and explore our findings:

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Whatever your needs may be, we can offer you insights through a variety of automated study solutions. We can also prepare a bespoke proposal tailored to fit you.


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