EASE OF SHOPPING – Align the categories according to your customers’ needs and dismantle purchasing barriers

“Unseen is unsold” – on the shelf, in the abundance of competition, attention to your product range is essential. A customer-centric shelf sorting creates clarity and facilitates additional purchases. This applies particularly to new product launches and planned line-extenders.

Around 2/3 of products go unseen- ensure your product stands out and is memorable to consumers

With 20 years of eye-tracking research, after thousands of respondents we can conclude:

The main key to success lies in the ideal shelf assortment.  By making the shopper the main focus of our research we are able to explain the explicit and implicit sides of behavior.

We explain the orientation processes on shelf and in the store as well as support you to optimise your categories for different shopping missions.

  • Understanding of customer search logic and use of the correct codes
  • Explanation of orientation on the shelf by anchor brands, symbols, colors and shapes
  • Understanding of shopping Missions and resulting requirements of the shelf logic
  • High visibility and proper placement

Category Management Tests – At real POS, in the studio or online

  • What are the search patterns at the shelf?
  • How is your product performing?  Does it stand out in the clutter?
  • When is your product noticed first and by whom?
  • Where is the ideal position and how does the packing concept work?


We offer you the right environment for testing/optimizing every research interest: sorting, customer focus and purchasing behavior.

Get shopper insights with the implicit measurement of attention – ideally in real POS, virtually in the studio, or online.

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