Digital Strategy

Accompaniment of digital projects from conception to implementation.

Utilization of psychological methods to capture the motives and challenges of users and to determine their internal, unspoken emotions.

Branding in the digital realm


Digital Transformation

User-centered digitization concepts

Change Management: accompaniment of the transformation process.

Introduction of agile methods


User Experience along the development cycle

Support with the setup of in-house tests.

We can conduct tests for you; for example, user-centered design methods.

Fast test and design iterations, online and offline.

We advise digital companies,
along with companies aspiring to be.

We have been researching the relationship between human and technology for 20 years. Our recommendations are based on a comprehensive understanding of the digital, as well as the user and their needs.

  • Our work leads to sustainable success because we take the user experience seriously.
  • Taking into account current social trends, we analyze how the digital transformation is affecting your business and brand.

Designing user-friendly digitization 

More and more of our everyday life shifts into the digital world: communicating, informing, consuming and more.

Digitization is a transformation that affects all industries: products and services are offered online, manufacturing processes and logistics are handled digitally, advertising and commerce are becoming more digital.

We believe that finding the right digital business model for a company is not primarily a question of what is technically feasible; in order to develop a successful digital strategy, it is crucial to understand the needs of users.

  • We accompany you all the way through successful implementation and ensure that your customer is at the centre of every phase.

Change management in the company

Digital change is important for every company. It means more than just switching from analogue to digital; the prerequisites should be created to implement new digital products or services quickly, successfully and with a willingness to take risks.
The principles of agile development, which often stand in strong contrast to the previous corporate culture, help during the critical transition.

  • With our digital transformation consulting, we support helping you create methods that will bring your company forwards.


Julia Nietschke

Dr. Julia Nitschke



Julia Nitschke has a doctorate in psychology and heads the department of digitization and consulting at eye square.


Dr. Nitschke has many years of experience in market research and on the customer side in the area of product management and business development.


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