Dr. Julia Nitschke

VP Digital & Consulting

Julia Nitschke has a doctorate in psychology and heads the department of digitization and consulting at eye square.

She has many years of experience in market research and on the customer side in the area of product management and business development. Dr. Nitschke offers advice on the topics of digitization, business development, user experience and agile processes.


Till 2016 on eBay classifieds: during this time, among other things, responsible for product management and the development of the real estate sector.

From 2003 to 2007 as Director Methods at eye square: numerous projects and publications in the field of user experience and digitization.

2003 doctorate at the HU Berlin



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Perfektes Zusammenspiel: Usability Tests und Remote in Kombination.
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Nitschke, J. (2004).
Assistenz bei Auswahlprozessen. Untersuchungen zu adaptiver und adaptierbarer Assistenz bei der Auswahl von Filmen
Logos Verlag Berlin.



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Grotenhoff, M., Jakobitz, D., Kinting, M., und Dr. Nitschke, J. (2019):  Gute Apps, gute Besserung: Studie zur Akzeptanz und Optimierbarkeit therapiebegleitender Apps. eye square GmbH, adesso mobile solutions GmbH, Berlin



Dr. Nitschke, J. (2021): Wie Amazon die Erwartungen an die User Experience bestimmt. In: planung & analyse



Nitschke, J., Marks, J., Goertz, J.-P., Unser-Nad, D., Rahn, A. (2022): What users expect from Online Shops, Eigene Whitepaper-Publikation.

Digital, Consulting & Strategy


Julia Nitschke

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