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The Kunsthalla and its exhibitions

The Kunsthalle is the artistic heart of our company. Many stunning exhibitions and events take place here, with great art by various artists. To give you a little insight into the Kunsthalle, we’ve put together some of our best exhibitions here. You can also find exciting eye tracking videos of some of our exhibitions.

Works of the past exhibitions

The Antropocene

In the Anthropocene, ἄνθρωπος (ánthropos: man and καινός new), the “age shaped by man,” humanity stands at a tipping point. The following works, can be assigned to the Anthropocene.

Remote Mythical Objects | wire sculpture


The artist, activist and multimedia sculptor, Joulia Strauss stands for art full of philosophy, technology for a chord and constant revolution for the world after the empire resonates.

This work in silver wire (about 60 x 40 x 40 cm), is a portrait of the German cultural historian, writer and museologist, Marie-Luise von Plessen.

Kittler Siren | Sculpture “The Sun Machine is Coming Down”


With the thesis “Media determine our situation”, the media theorist Friedrich Kittler ignited the humanities debate in the 1980s about the (power) relations of man and medium.

With this sculpture (120 x 140 x 60 cm, plaster )the former Kittler student and artist Joulia Strauss commemorates the importance of his media theory in the 10th year of his death.


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The Technocene

The virtual transformation of the world without man


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The eye square Corona Wheel


The digital commissioned work created during the Corona period is about the Corona Wheel developed by eye square. The project is divided into four phases and thematizes the emotional development of people during the Corona pandemic.

Messengers of the AI | Oil Painting | Portrait


In the style of a massive augmented reality opera, starting from 7 real oil paintings, the counterparts painted in virtual reality unfold.

“Messengers of the AI” plays on the boundaries of the Gesamtkunstwerk to a musical mix of Wagner and Hollywood productions. In the narrative of the virtual opera, the boundaries of 21st century Western culture are spatially marshaled.

The Theocene

The Theocene embraces the Anthropocene with sacred representations – sensual, physical and spiritual. The human intraversion remains determinant and envelops the people in the order of the sky

Saint Lucia


December 13 celebrates the feast day of Saint Lucia (Italian: Santa Lucia). Lucia is a Sicilian martyr, from Syracuse, and was killed during the persecution of Christians by Emperor Diocletian in 304. Lucia means “the shining one,” from the Latin lux (light). She is considered the saint of eyes, sight and light. One of the legends about Lucia says that her eyes were gouged out.

Michael Schießl |
Media Psychologist & CEO


Michael Schießl is co-founder of eye square. As a psychologist, he advocates for good human experiences and brings psychology and code together. Michael researches and speaks about implicit market research, UX, brands, system 0, perception, AI, the arts and the real.

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