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Simply put, we explain how people make purchase decisions and help our clients win at retail.


Successful marketing demands relationships: the most fundamental of which is attention. Any relationship – from mere attention to deep love – needs real understanding.


Here is where eye square comes into play for YOU: 

We provide you with tools to understand the motivations and needs of your customers, both visual and emotional, at every stage in the sales process that most importantly helps you make the sale.


Online or offline, omnichannel – you will become better at getting the gift of attention, making the conversion, and creating relationships.


At eye square, we have 20 years of helping businesses understand what the customer sees, what he or she thinks about it, and what they’re actually seeing and feeling. Because what customers think they’re feeling and seeing isn’t always their real experience. 


We give you a holistic, In Context perspective of the real shopper experience, on eCommerce sites, in a supermarket, and in any media: TV, Social Media, and even Retail Media.


Exploration – Standardization – Automation


We combine cutting-edge technology with ground-breaking neuro-psychology in a unique way. We call it Human Experience Technology.


We bring theory into code.


From explorative studies providing basic shopper insights over regular, iterative tests to fully automated study solutions- we have the right offer for our clients.

Insights, emotions, experience. Try it out!




  • Real omni-channel and InContext insights into shoppers’ experience with actionable knowledge
  • Fast, digital and scalable testing with clear visualization of complex data
  • Benchmarks – measuring performance in comparison to your competition



We are pioneers of using eye-tracking at the POS. Our experienced, interdisciplinary team has conducted hundreds of shopper studies all over the world. The established implicit and behavioral toolset for research in bricks & mortar stores is now available for the digital world.


eye square helps you stay on top of new channels: From virtual to real touch. You name it. We do it.


  • We offer innovative technologies and tailor-made study solutions to capture the impact of your brand at the POS and trace the customer journey across all touchpoints.
  • We explain the unconscious (implicit) experiences, motives and needs, as well as the conscious (explicit) beliefs of shoppers.



“Thank you for your innovative, flexible and super-reliable cooperation!”


Florian Renz – Beiersdorf AG

“eye square delivers very good results based on technically innovative yet effective methods. The support was provided by a nice, competent and flexible team. The fair price-performance ratio surely justifies a repeated cooperation.”


Jan Simon Hoeschen – Bacardi Deutschland GmbH

“eye square applied technology at the appropriate times by showing us how their services worked when applied to actual projects. The team provided us with strong support on enhancing the user experience of our game. We were impressed by their professional service and high quality of work.”


Patrick Qin – Tencent


Felix Metger

Unit Lead Shopper Experience


Telephone +49 30 698144-43
Fax +49 30 698144-10

Interested in Shopper Experience services?

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