Artificial Intelligence Experience Lab at eye square
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The eye square AIX Lab 

In a world of shift towards artificial intelligence, it was of high importance for us, as a company, to open our own eye square AI Experience Lab! 


Our work on AI is based on two pillars:


  • AI as a research subject: How do people experience the interaction with AI? Based on our AI Experience Model, we plan empirical research focused on measuring the experience of interacting with AI. 


  • The second pillar focuses on exploring any new AI tools based on ChatGPT and how we may (or may not) use them in our daily research work.


eye square’s  AIX Lab doesn’t only look at how humans experience the interaction with AI, but also how AI appliances can be shaped to serve consumer requirements best. It delves into AI’s role in various areas such as chatbots, autonomous assistants, and interactive ads in the Metaverse or Social media. 

Meet our AI Experience Lab lead

Dr. Julia Nitschke  leads the AIX Lab and our Digital Consulting and User Experience Unit. Julia has many years of experience in market research and in the areas of Product Management and Business development, for example at eBay Kleinanzeigen. 

Our eye square AI Experience Lab also looks at the future of AI from a corporate foresight perspective. It examines how AI and Virtuality Reality or Metaverse as big trends will influence the business world in the next 5-10 years. nds will influence the business world in the next 5-10 years.

 “Interestingly, the study shows that our subconscious plays a big role in how we perceive and interact with AI. It’s like a hidden guide that shows us the way.”

In our paper, we explore how digital transformation and Al influence consumer behavior and which trends will have biggest impact on consumers’ lives.  

Using our AI Experience model, which builds on eye square’s unique neurosemiotic model that describes Human Experience, our paper explores how humans experience the interaction with Al and what specific emotional conflict patterns occur.

This understanding of the user experience also allows deductions about how AI applications should be designed to best meet their needs. 

Our AI Experience Whitepaper provides a deeper dive into understanding thehuman experienceof interacting with AI and helps understand motivators and barriers when confronted with AI-based products. 

Explore the AI Experience Model and its four Modes


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Dr. Julia Nitschke

VP Digital & Consulting

AI Experience Lab Lead


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