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Desktop Eye Tracking

The highest accuracy, non-contact measurement in HD.

The non-contact measurement of attention is one of the standard methods in our daily work. Modern so-called Remote Eye Tracking systems provide the highest accuracy and robustness among the available methods.

Our testers are constantly fascinated when seeing, after a short calibration, how the Remote Eye Tracking exactly detects eye movement. If I close an eye, the point on the screen disappears, if I move my head, the point moves with it. All this is achieved wirelessly and covering a large area in front of the screen.

Fascinating how accurately Remote Eye Tracking views are captured.

We measure natural viewing behavior.

Recording data with a special eye tracking device on the monitor or display allows especially accurate measurement and automatic analysis of the eye tracking data.

Eye square’s technology enables a scene-specific analysis of online videos and TV spots, and a qualitative analysis of interactive and dynamic content. With the help of eye tracking, synchronously recorded emotion and excitement data can be precisely analyzed with dynamic and interactive media.

Measure and optimize your way into the customers consciousness.

3 Recording Methods