Online first? This is how it works with eye square!

eye square has been consistently using professional online methods and remote research techniques for years. This way we can guarantee that all InContext Testing approaches, implicit tools, and questionnaires can be used from home as usual. We support you from the selection of methods to the set-up and evaluation of results. Discover our possibilities and all the important information here!

Remote Eye Tracking Methods


Smartphone Eye Tracking

Smartphone eye tracking precisely captures the eye position via its own camera, opening up a new dimension of data acquisition under real-life conditions.


Webcam Eye Tracking

Surveying many participants in a short time while keeping costs low? With webcam eye tracking, attention measurement is possible on a large scale.


Headmounted Eye-Tracking at Home

Only in natural environments consumers and users perceive products and media naturally. A simple package with eye-tracking equipment makes this possible.

Other Online Methods


Interviews & focus groups

Feedback and inspiration directly from your target group: With remote one-on-one interviews and focus groups, qualitative research is also possible online at a high level.


Reaction Time Measurement

Measure the reactions of your target audience online with eye square’s Brand- or ProductREACT to better understand the user’s gut feelings towards your brand or product.

Pretty and Excited Black Gamer Girl in Headphones is Playing First-Person Shooter Online Video Game on Her Computer. Room and PC have Colorful Neon Led Lights. Cozy Evening at Home.

Emotion Analysis

With emotion analysis, you benefit from the insights of the automated detection of facial expressions. Identify online what your customers are emotionally touched by.


In Context

Research as real as possible: In Context allows you to test advertising online in the most natural context possible – on live websites, TV, print and out-of-home advertising.

Advantages of online and group interviews

  • Online and group interviews are used for the same topics as face-to-face interviews.
  • Fast recruitment and elimination of travel time, across regional borders.
  • Cheaper than studio options, because there are no costs for labs.
  • Use of webcams leads to personal closeness and motivation among participants.
  • Multimedia features enhance the experience and motivation of participants and provide audiovisual feedback on your research questions.
  • The used platforms are optimized for mobile devices.

Technical platforms

eye square cooperates with several professional services that offer online focus groups. Depending on the study, we select the optimal focus group service for you and integrate this service into our offer.

Recording & Participation

  • Recording possible after prior consent
  • Declaration of consent is digitally signed via DocuSign
  • Customers can watch interviews anonymously (are added anonymously, no video, microphone muted)

Example study: Online interviews for a telecommunications provider

User experience of a desktop and a mobile website

  • Success rate: 94% (15 out of 16 interviews)
  • Duration per participant: 60 minutes
  • Remote platforms: join.me Video Conferencing, Lookback.io Mobile Testing
  • Joint exploration of websites via screen sharing and remote mouse control

“The day was super exciting despite the last-minute switch to a remote environment! You did a great job and offered a flexible solution so spontaneously. That is actually pretty great. Thank you very much for this support!” – Client, Telecommunication Company

In Context

So real wie möglich forschen: alle unsere Forschungsansätze arbeiten mit Menschen in einem möglichst natürlichem Kontext. Live In Context ermöglicht es, Werbung auf Live-Websiten, im TV, in Print und Out-of-Home Werbung zu testen.


Die Technologie gewährleistet, den Effekt eines Produkts oder einer Werbekreation auf die Konsumenten experimentell zu messen. Dabei werden die Reaktionen der Menschen in einem dynamischen und authentischen Umfeld analysiert, z.B. auf E-Commerce Webseiten oder in einem persönlichen Social Media Newsfeed. Dies führt zu einer möglichst realistischen Rezeption und wirksamen Insights.

Get insights for your research questions.
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More Information

Beispiel: Features der Zoom Video Conferencing Plattform

Zoom Video Conferencing ermöglicht lebhafte, interaktive Online Fokusgruppen und Einzelinterviews

  • Hohe Sprach- und Videoqualität, Aufzeichnung der Gruppen möglich
  • Polls: Emoji-basiertes Handheben bei Abstimmungsfragen
  • Digitale White Boards für gemeinsames Erarbeiten von Fragestellungen
  • Screen Sharing für Präsentation von Stimuli
  • Breakout Rooms (Gruppenarbeiten): Aufteilung der Gruppe, Moderation von geteilten Gruppenräumen, anschließendes Wiederzusammenführen der Gruppe

Übersichtliche Ansicht von bis zu 100 Teilnehmern

Break Out Rooms für Unterteilung in Gruppen

Digitale Whiteboards zur gemeinsamen Arbeit

Accessibility Toolbar