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Meet us at “Woche der Marktforschung”

Together with many industry representatives, the “Week of Market Research” (in german: Woche der Marktforschung – WdM) starts on October 5th. Discover the new online festival of the industry, presented by marktforschung.de. Look forward to a wide range of networking and entertainment events as well as exciting web seminars, presentations and tool pitches.

Register for free and meet us virtually at our online events during the Woche der Markforschung:

Ad2Store Effect – From ad contact to shopping cart

Web-Seminar | 06.10.2020 | 1 pm | Stefan Schönherr, Lisa Neumann | 60 Minutes

How do advertising contacts affect the actual buying behavior on e-commerce platforms? With Amazon as an advertising and sales world, eye square correlates for the first time the effect of a campaign contact directly with the behavior in the online store. Learn from us what a successful social media creation needs to consider in order to attract attention in the Amazon product overview, how YouTube and Instagram Ads differ in terms of purchase activation on Amazon and which Instagram ads lead to the most clicks on Amazon.

UX Research in transition: How do remote processes perform?

Round table discussion | 07.10.2020 | 1 pm | Dr. Julia Nitschke, Dominik Unser-Nad | 60 Minutes

Discuss with us the specific features of remote UX testing and their advantages and disadvantages compared to Lab. After having conducted all UX tests exclusively in remote environments over the last months, we share our learnings and look forward to receiving input and contributions on the experiences of the participants.

Live Ad Testing Platform

Tool-Pitch | 08.10.2020 | 3 pm | Dr. Matthias Rothensee | 10 Minutes

The Live Ad Testing platform provides independent research access to all major social media platforms and formats. It creates a biotic, digital research space for advertisers, creatives and marketers. It delivers key performance indicators for behavioral activation through digital campaigns such as visibility duration, play time, shares and likes, combined with standardized advertising effectiveness measurement using InContext Express. The live ad technology can be accessed as an API and has a self-service GUI for researchers. It is used worldwide as a plug-in in many automated ad testing solutions of various institutes and thus forms the methodical backbone of biotic ad effectiveness measurement in social media.

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