Test your creation in a real world environment with our implicit method set

Video advertising is not only to communicate your brand and stage your products. It should awake emotions that pull the viewer in and inspire. We can best understand this complex interplay with a comprehensive set of implicit measurements.

  • TV spots, online video ads and program trailers


  • Results provided within days


  • including attention, emotion measurement and representative sample


  • Online or in the studio


Clear results and concrete recommendations:

We explain how to properly deal with humor in advertising, and whether the suspense arc of your spots is effective or not.

By using different forms of presentation we clarify your results

Evaluation Eye Tracking

Example McDonalds: The distributed attention on this heatmap shows that the participants are confused by the high information density. Three burgers, three prizes, the slogan, legal lines and brand logos – that’s too much for the viewer.

Scene analysis

Example Nike: We measure the emotional reactions of viewers to the spot and evaluate your results scene by scene. In this spot, surprise dominates at the beginning. The winning athletes make the viewers smile and trigger positive feelings throughout the branding phase.


Learn how Tech-Nick awakens incitement for tablets
See how McDonald’s mathematics teaching successfully links to burgers

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