Understand the power of “meaningful attention” through the “Live in Context” tool

A unique eye square tool helps to understand the meaning of attention

In a recent article. Volga Benjamin Fernandez, eye square’s Director (India), emphasizes the importance of understanding attention’s nonlinear nature. By comprehending user behavior with Live In Context, companies in the Indian Market can enhance their marketing strategies and create lasting impactful experiences.

“Paying attention that truly matters goes beyond mere time spent or superficial interest”

With the eye square “Live In Context”-tool, companies gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, enhancing their marketing strategies in the indian market for impactful experiences.

Jeff Bander, eye square INC’s President, emphasizes the shift from time spent to effectiveness based on audience purchasing power. Comparative analysis across platforms is vital, considering image ads, performance ads, and target audience behavior.

eye square’s “Live In Context” is a game-changer, unlocking real-world user behavior for exceptional marketing outcomes. Leverage its transformative potential for unparalleled success. Embrace meaningful attention today!

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Lean more about the Live In Context tool!

eye square’s Live In Context tool revolutionizes the way brands measure and use meaningful attention. By observing the real user behavior, this comprehensive tool provides valuable insights for companies to develop effective marketing strategies.

This tool can evaluate product performance, improve visual appeal, evaluate pricing and promotions, and optimize investments in A+ content. It helps to understand the nonlinear nature of attention and improves marketing strategies with Live In Context.

About Volga Benjamin


Volga Benjamin Fernandez

Email: benjamin@eye-square.com

Volga is a key member of the eye square team in India with her extensive experience in marketing communications, business development and project execution and coordination. Over the last 5 years, she has been involved in numerous projects with a special focus on UX, brand, and shopper research in both the Indian and European regions.

Prior to joining eye square, Volga gained valuable experience as a marketing and sales professional in a startup where she honed her skills in online and offline marketing communications, sales, and operations. Through these experiences, she gained a strong foundation in the world of marketing and sales.

Volga’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and a Master of Technology (Mtech) with a specialisation in Computer Science. She also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).

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