Realeyes Attention Leader Series | Matthias Rothensee on the Complexity of Attention

Attention- A complex phenomenon in market research

For what reasons attention is having it’s big moment now and how to measure it

In March 2023, Keith O’Brian of Realeyes invited Brand and Media specialist Matthias Rothensee for an interview for his Attention Leader Series. The Realeyes company is a leader in advertising testing and uses AI to measure audience attention and engagement.

In the conversation, Matthias Rothensee uses a psychologist’s perspective to explain his unique perspective on measuring attention and the concept of attention as a nonlinear process. This observation requires a lot of expertise and benchmarks when it comes to interpreting attention data. With the technology and ability to track improving, Matthias believes, attention is entering a new stage.

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He spoke with Realeyes about the complexity of attention because of its non-linearity, and why eye square as a market research company gives a lot of thought to the aspect of meaningful attention.

Which potential patterns are therefore important from a psychological point of view? What are the moments of attention that can help shape a higher order, such as cognitive evaluations, emotions, preferences that are significant to brands? In contrast, there are moments when attention is very brief or superficial.

Matthias Rothensee also addresses the difficult question of whether it is preferable to measure attention related to creation and attention related to the environment in which it takes place separately or not.

Read the full interview at Realeyes.

About Matthias Rothensee


Matthias Rothensee

Email: rothensee@eye-square.com

Dr. Matthias Rothensee is responsible for method and innovation development at eye square. In his research, he is specialized in the implicit effects of marketing, emotions, and visual perception. Also an expert in multivariate statistics, he develops eye square’s media benchmarks.

Matthias is a well-known lecturer at conferences such as, dmexco, Esomar Interact, Horizont and IIeX, and regularly publishes in trade journals such as the Journal of Consumer Marketing, European Business Review, and Social Science Computer Review. You can meet him as a guest lecturer on advertising psychology and research methods at various universities.

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