Dr. Matthias Rothensee

Chief Scientific Officer & Partner

Dr. Matthias Rothensee is responsible for method and innovation development at eye square. His research focuses on the implicit effect of advertising, emotions and visual perception. He is an expert in media research and multivariate statistics and develops eye square’s media benchmarks. He also focuses on the role of AI and is leading the development of automated test platforms (SPARK) and dashboards.


He designed the award-winning Screenforce study “Mapping the Impact” (Real Impact Award 2023), studied “Multiscreening worldwide” for Meta (2018) and quantified the “Performance of mobile search” for Google (2017). Matthias Rothensee optimizes communication for clients such as Deutsche Telekom, Stepstone and MediaMarktSaturn.


He speaks at conferences (e.g. dmexco, Horizont, IIeX) and publishes in specialist journals (e.g. Journal of Consumer Marketing, European Business Review and Social Science Computer Review).


In addition to eye square, he teaches advertising psychology and research methods.




Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Telekom


Expert in digital marketing, advertising impact research and implicit methods


Developed the project “ Qualitativer Leistungswert für Online Werbung” / “Qualitative performance value for online advertising” for the study group Onlineforschung (AGOF, 2012) and analysed media perception in the living room for SevenOneMedia


Developed global user experience studies for Deutsche Bank and Allianz


Lecturer at conferences (dmexco, Esomar Interact, Horizont Bewegtbildgipfel) and regularly publishes in journals (Journal of Consumer Marketing)


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Matthias Rothensee

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