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Fast and efficient ad testing

ICX is an automated quick test providing all relevant KPIs for successful marketing. It offers you all the benefits of state-of-the-art marketing pretesting and combines the forecasting quality of implicit methods with online surveys scalability. It enables you to monitor your digital campaign’s quality and provides you with data based recommendations to optimize your communication.


Our research experts have more than 10 years of experience in marketing testing. Their recommendationsare spoken in the language of your creative team responsible for your advertisements. Benchmarking provides you with an internal comparison and evaluates your performance in competitively with other brands.

Get your results within 4 days 

Standardised test procedures ensure short field time and clear reporting. Therefore, you stay within your media planning’s time frame for optimization.

The eye square – In Context testing software allows ad testing on live websites. It allows to present test ads in the authentic viewing context of the personal news feed of survey respondents on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms, just like the ad would normally show if the campaign was already launched. The solution supports all relevant ad formats and captures any response behavioural data during the ad exposure phase.

Measure behavioral data – shares, likes, views

A campaign on Facebook has a different effect when appearing in a private newsfeed than under laboratory conditions. Hence, all the hidden media explored and ads are integrated into personal settings.


Interaction data reveals the viral potential of your campaign. Thus you can choose the optimal advertising creation before your campaign launch.

Relevant scorecard with KPIs and inclusive benchmark

The most important effect parameters are depicted by using a simple scorecard and by also comparing them with our extensive benchmark database. The inclusive benchmarking provides a comparison with over 1000 previous tests in 11 sectors.


The report’s content is standardised und provides you with transparency and simple readability.

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