Interview with Dr. Friedrich Jacobi and Garrit Güldenpfennig at Marktforschung.de

“Not all attention is the same”

Our company is a full-service market research agency that drives innovation. Our teams have been handling the entire research process since 1999, and we conduct research here with three main areas of focus: brand and media research, in user experience research and shopper experience research. We take the time to not only listen to consumers and users, but also study what they see and feel. We observe their emotions and perceptions, and analyze unconscious processes.

Maybe you are also interested in what kind of attention and perception parameters play a specific role in marketing and what the company eye square understands by the new idea “Meaningful Attention”?

Dr. Friedrich Jacobi and Garrit Güldenpfennig are both an integral part of our company and will answer many questions about “Meaningful Attention” in this interview.

Dr. Friedrich Jacobi 
Chief Financial Officer & Partner


Dr. Friedrich Jacobi is supporting the management team of eye square as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since 2022. In addition to financial topics, Friedrich’s responsibilities at eye square include internationalization, legal and HR. Furthermore, Friedrich is the contact person for all customers in the area of cooperations and long-term contracts including in- and out-licensing as well as quality issues.

Friedrich studied business informatics at the European Business School, received an MBA from James Madison University in the USA and a doctorate from the University of St. Gallen. After starting his career at a management consultancy and subsequently setting up a production site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, he has spent the last 13 years working as CFO at executive and board level in the life sciences sector for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

Garrit Güldenpfennig
Data Scientist & Technical Project Manager


Garrit Güldenpfennig is a Data Scientist and Technical Project Manager at eye square. He completed his studies as a sociologist with a strong focus on research methodology and quantitative analysis.

His expertise in human perception combined with his knowledge of AI and statistics complement eye square’s approach of bringing together human and machine by utilizing technology, art, and science.

His team is responsible for obtaining, processing, and analyzing the data as well as supporting the project teams with statistical and graphical evaluations.

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