Understand meaningful attention through the “Live in Context” tool

InContext-Research enables brands to learn a lot about how users behave and to improve their marketing strategies

“Instead of just looking at the amount of time spent on an ad, it’s better to test its effectiveness based on the purchasing power of its target group.” 

_Jeff Bander, President US Inc., eye square

eye square has launched Live in Context, a unique tool that helps brands measure customer attention in real-world situations. Instead of only using self-reported data, the tool watches how users act in real-world situations.

The tool helps brands assess product performance, customer interaction, pricing, promotions, product image galleries, and A+ content efficacy, enabling informed decisions and ROI analysis. The tool helps companies understand attention’s nonlinear nature and key determining factors, unlocking digital campaigns’ full potential.

eye square emphasizes that longer ad viewing does not guarantee improved recall or recognition, and examining factors determining attention’s impact on engagement is crucial.

Evaluating effectiveness based on target audience purchasing behavior yields superior results. Understanding attention nuances and tailoring strategies can empower businesses to resonate with their audience and make informed decisions.

In the end, these findings contribute to a comprehensive understanding of ROI and enable the refinement of marketing strategies for enhanced effectiveness

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About Jeff Bander


Jeff Ephraim Bander

Email: bander@eye-square.com

Based in our New York office, Jeff Ephraim Bander is our President of eye square Inc. for the USA.

Jeff (MBA) has been a thought leader in the market research world since 2008 and has gained over 25 years of experience with various research companies. Before coming to eye square he held the position of award-winning, President of North America at Sticky,  a provider of online eye tracking studies.

Jeff has been featured in AdAge, MediaPost and AdExchanger and has presented along big names such as P&G, Unilever and Hershey’s.

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