System 0 and the impact on communications success


The last 15 years have seen yet another revolutionary development and with it the dawn of a new era: the mobile internet and screen revolution. The consequence of multiplying media options can be seen in changing viewing habits: Only 10% of advertising contacts last longer than eight seconds. It now appears that it is almost sheer human perceptive capacity that is a prime limiting factor to experience and communication. But how does this change the effectiveness of communication and advertising? In our new paper published in Quirks Media, the authors Jeff Bander, Michael Schiessl, Philipp Reiter and Jan-Philipp Görtz argue that measuring System 0 as a part of assessing the impact of ads will allow for an improved understanding of human experience – with better tools, faster, more agile, and less resource-intensive testing and consulting.

“Multiple new and less-linear media choices have become available for users and consumers. In their wake the human experience has become even more fragmented and fast-paced. Content and advertising are merging into a deluge of information and entertainment that threatens to overwhelm users, consumers, advertisers and media companies alike. ” – say the authors.

Find the full paper with exciting insights and recommendations for action here.

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