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What makes the difference? Relevant methods in research for advertising impact

How strong can consumers still be stimulated by advertising and being motivated to react or buy?

The research on advertising impact is being challenged of finding new approaches to research and the chosen methods because of an environment dominated by digital media, an overabundance of information, and unprecedented freedom of choice for consumers.

The further development of media technologies corresponds with three mental systems: System0, implicit and explicit perception. In market research, a holistic approach and with the help of neurosemiotics, a precise statement can be made about the emotions and the perception of advertising by consumers, even in complex communication situations.

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About the authors

Michael Schießl is a media psychologist and CEO of eye square.

Matthias Rothensee is research director of eye square. His research focuses on the implicit effects of marketing, emotions and visual perception.

Stefan Schönherr is Unit Lead of Brand und Media Experience and a highly experienced brand and media specialist.

Co-author Jan-Philipp Görtz writes regularly for eye square and is co-founder and director of the Valere Academy.

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