Dossier by Dr. Julia Nitschke The Future of Qualitative UX Research

„Quo vadis“, qualitative UX Research?

UX tests usually take place on-site and with direct observation. Qualitative UX tests with behavioural observation and interview are still the most requested and efficient means of testing at eye square.

With the onset of the 2020 pandemic, the possibility of qualitative UX research as a home-use study evolved from a fallback solution to a new trend in demand among our clients. In the meantime, user tests carried out remotely and with screensharing are in the foreground. Welcome to 2 worlds!

We have also noticed another development: for many clients, fast and agile working is becoming more and more important in product development and working methods. The scope and questions in UX research have changed considerably.

And finally, we venture an outlook on the technologies used in user research, such as eye tracking as a precision instrument for remotely conducted UX studies and new digital developments in the area of emotion measurement. Here, for example, the use of AI can help to gain insights through the evaluation of secondary data from participants.

In the current dossier at marktforschung.de, Dr. Julia Nitschke looks at these trends and weighs up how they will influence the future of qualitative UX research. Where will testing take place and how? And which technologies and digital developments support UX research?

Read the entire dossier in German at marktforschung.de.

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