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user experience research

Why UX research with eye square?

  • Our team is experienced, competent, fast and super flexible.
  • We offer the right solution for each of your questions from a highly qualitative understanding of your target group to a large international quantitative evaluation.
  • In an agile environment, speed and flexibility are in demand, for instance, a UX Quick Check provides prioritised practical recommendations by our experts within a few days.
  • In addition to our wealth of experience, we also have extensive industry benchmarks allowing you to compare yourself to your competition.


Many of our clients have been working with us for many years and consider us as real partners.

We guide you to use the right study concept and we adapt quickly to last minute prototype changes.

We always try to obtain the maximum insights for you even if time or budget is limited.

Selection of our Customers

What is User Experience?

User Experience (UX) describes the experience of a user interacting with a (digital) product, service or environment. User Experience is a holistic concept that encompasses more than the usability or practical usability of a product. Emotional aspects like liking a page or an app and the enjoyment of use determine the UX just as the pragmatic part, such as usefulness or efficiency.


A positive user experience is a prerequisite for your product to succeed on today’s market. Our extensive portfolio of implicit and explicit methods captures all emotional and cognitive responses of users interacting with your product. The e2 benchmark database includes data from more than 300 studies and ables us to compare your results to your competition.


We will help you to better understand your target audience, adjust your product to the user, and improve the conversion of your website or app. Use our studies to ensure the user-friendly development of your product and its success.

Contact us or find further information about our product portfolio below!

User Experience Service Portfolio


“eye square is a competent partner who supports us with interviews and UX tests to understand if and how customers get along with our (digital) products. The team is always available for us, highly professional, flexible and fulfills (almost) every wish in gaining customer insights.”


Christopher Gollnow – Techniker Krankenkasse

“Thanks for your time putting this presentation together and presenting it today, it’s on point in regards of our initial expectations and I expect we’ll be able to move forward quickly in our decision making thanks to it.”


Laurent Luong – Vorwerk International Strecker & Co

“We’ve been working with eye square since day one of establishing a UX Research department at StepStone. Together, we established a research plan and saw through it’s implementation and execution. Now, a few years down the line, we’re seeing the effects, as years of accumulated knowledge and reports co-developed with eye square serve as the basis for many decisions about StepStone and its future. Whether is laboratory usability research, remote interviews or specialized research forms, we know we can rely on eye square and it’s crew as a solid partner.”


Krzysztof Kania, Former Head of UX – StepStone Continental Europe GmbH

Our UX Labs in Berlin

We can implement your UX study in our fully equipped UX lab in Berlin. You can watch live how your users interact with your page or app through the one-way mirror. You and your colleagues will find enough space in our spacious observation room. A large monitor is available and ables you to precisely track the eye movements of your participants and allows you to see live what the user is comtemplating about or see where he is searching for specific content.


We gladly hold a debrief workshop right after the event where we collect, discuss and evaluate the findings together. If you or your colleagues do not speak German, we offer a simultaneous interpretation service in German or English.

Create your Product from the Beginning for the User

User experience includes all cognitive and emotional reactions of a user in regard to a product. These reactions range from practical usability aspects to subjective emotional aspects during the interaction. eye square addresses both explicit cognitive and implicit emotional responses during the use of your product.


We take a look at the users to better understand their interactions. Furthermore, we measure longterm product success, identify effects and tell you how your product can successfully compete on the market. Thereby we measure touchpoints, interactions and customer satisfaction.


Design your product for the user right from the start: We support you in all phases of development, conception, evaluation and controlling. We test websites, mobile applications, consumer goods and interfaces.



User Experience umfasst alle kognitiven & emotionalen Reaktionen eines Nutzers beim Umgang mit einem Produkt.


Diese Reaktionen reichen von praktischen Usability-Aspekten bis hin zu subjektiven emotionalen Aspekten während der Interaktion.


eye square befasst sich sowohl mit expliziten kognitiven als auch mit impliziten emotionalen Reaktionen während der Nutzung Ihres Produkts.

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Carina deLopez; © Foto by Mathias Krupna

Carina de López

Unit Lead User Experience


Telephone +49 30 698144-28
Fax +49 30 698144-10

Interested in User Experience services?

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Carina deLopez; © Foto by Mathias Krupna

Carina de López

Unit Lead User Experience


Telephone +49 30 698144-28
Fax +49 30 698144-10

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