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In his latest interview at marktforschung.de. Stefan Schönherr, Vice President Brand & Media Experience at eye square, explains how he understands and defines a brand and what successful brand research means to him.

He examines the brand and its communication from the perspective of the overall experience. With a coordinated portfolio of methods, eye square tries to captures the brand as comprehensively as possible, because brand experiences must succeed on all three dimensions of human experience—visual, emotional, and rational. With an extensive range of research approaches, brand research can map a brand, its communication, and touchpoints, to all key dimensions of the human experience.

In the second part of the Best of Brand Research interview (Day 1), Stefan Schönherr, Vice President Brand & Media, reveals which brands he personally finds exciting.

This episode offers an analysis of current trends and their importance for market research within the next few years.

A response time tool, the BRANDREACT, provides strategic insights. The brand, the competitive environment, target groups, and communication tools are placed in a common space to map the status quo, potential, and challenges.

Read even more about brand research and research approaches of aimpower, SKOPOS RESEARCH, and Brandwatch in the current German version of the interview at marktforschung.de.

For a virtual participation in the Pitch for Brand Research with Stefan Schönherr, you can register for free at marktforschung.de.

01.06.2022 at 11:00 CEST

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Pitch with aimpower, Brandwatch, eye square and SKOPOS RESEARCH

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