SevenOne & eye square | New baseline survey on video advertising

BVoD moving image advertising works better than Youtube

A recent study by eye square and Pro-Sieben-Sat-1-Seven-One-Media-Marketer-Grundlagenstudie examines the impact of pre-roll ads in different online environments. Video advertising does not have the same effect on all channels.

This has been proven by numerous research projects, including equivalence studies by Mediaplus and Seven-One Media from 2020. The baseline study by the current Pro Seven Sat 1 distributor tests the effect of pre-roll ads in different online media environments, and here Youtube does not fare particularly well.

In this study, identical spots are played on the broadcaster video-on-demand (BVoD) platform Joyn, on ProSieben.de, and on Youtube. The results show, that the (online-) environment also plays a role in the effect of advertising.

Seven.One Media wants to make fundamental correlations understandable and transparent through a fair comparison of the different advertising options. Advertisers want to address target groups on different channels. The project is intended to help advertisers put together the most effective combination of available options with the greatest possible advertising success for their brand.

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