Productcamp Berlin

August 19, 2022

ProductCamp Berlin is the only barcamp format for product owners, product managers, product marketers, product designers, product developers, entrepreneurs and everyone who is passionate about (digital) products, innovation and collaboration. This event day is designed by the attendees and each participant can simply bring the topic they want to talk about, host a workshop or a panel discussion.

Participants in these barcamps come from startups and industry leaders such as Zalando, HERE Technologies, Rocket Internet AG, ImmobilienScout24, idealo, Otto, Burda, Useds, Immonet, SoundCloud, Xing, agile42, and Project A. and it’s all about connections.

This innovative format offers all participants the opportunity to learn, teach, or network with other product professionals in a positive and open atmosphere. We support the organizing team as a sponsor and our eye square-UX team will help shape the barcamp with presentations and workshops.

Ticket registration for ProductCamp Berlin starts already now. Secure your ticket quickly! The good mood and the barcamp atmosphere have led to tickets being sold out within a few days in the past years.



Friday, August 19th, 2022

Mehr Details in Kürze.


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