Tilmann Petersen

Research Consultant

Tilmann Petersen is a Research Consultant in the eye square User Experience team. He graduated with a Master of Science in Business Psychology with a focus on cultural and depth psychology, along with personnel and organizational psychology.


Through his qualitative research work, he has acquired extensive knowledge of interviewing and evaluation; this allows him to generate psychological structural knowledge and answer versatile research questions.


His studies and precious professional experience gives him the toolset to develop effective questionnaires and to complete quantitative analyses.


Tilmann gives the team enrichment with his open research mind and his qualitative, methodological competence.



Kürten, L., Dietzel, N., Kolominsky-Rabas, P.L., Graessel, E. (2021): Predictors of the one-year-change in depressiveness in informal caregivers of community-dwelling people with dementia, BMC Psychiatry, 2021.



Tilmann Petersen

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