Real behavioral research with smartphone eye tracking


From eye trackers on bicycle helmets, to webcams and now eye tracking via smartphone: in an interview with marktforschung.de, our colleagues Philipp Reiter and Madeleine Makaranets talked about the evolution of eye tracking and the advantages of the latest methods

“With smartphone eye-tracking, the evolution continues and we can focus even more on user behavior on the device, where consumers spend most of their digital free time. With more and more companies making their websites mobile-first and social media becoming more significant in its role for advertising and online shopping, understanding smartphone usage is now more important than ever.” – says Philipp Reiter.

The original interview in German is available here.

We translated the interview into English for you:

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18.05.2021 | 11:00 am | Philipp Reiter & Madeleine Makaranets | 40 Minutes
“Every gaze counts: Real behavioral research with smartphone eye tracking”

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