Interview: “From Ad Contact To Shopping Cart”


How do advertising contacts affect actual buying behavior on e-commerce platforms? In the new interview with marktforschung.de, Stefan Schönherr (Unit Lead Brand and Media) and Lisa Neumann (Research Consultant Brand & Media) analyze successful social media creations that bring more attention to the advertised product in the Amazon product overview and explain how YouTube and Instagram ads differ in terms of their purchase activation on Amazon and which ads on Instagram lead to the most clicks on Amazon.

“In our method, we virtually map a user journey from the advertising contact to the shopping cart. And real behavioral data is measured in the process. Measuring the contact quality of advertising contacts via viewability, playback duration and attention parameters is already strongly established with our InContext method. What is new, however, is the stronger focus on the influence of this contact on behavior in the online store.” – says Lisa Neumann.

You can find the complete interview with exciting insights here.

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02.03.2021 | 11:00 am| Stefan Schönherr and Lisa Neumann, eye square | 40 Minutes
“Shoppingverhalten als neue Werbewirkungswährung” (in German)

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