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Market and brand research tools are like multi-talents, they help to understand how brands can best appeal to current and future consumers. This is a difficult task in times of media upheaval.

The companies eye square, Aimpower, SKOPOS RESEARCH and Brandwatch are industry-known addresses that are often requested for this task.

On June 1, they will compete against each other in a web seminar hosted by marktforschung.de with a pitch lasting 10 minutes each and show why they are among the best and most sought-after market research institutes in the industry. After each presentation, questions can be put to the representatives of the institutes.

Stefan Schönherr, Vice President Brand and Media Research at eye square, will present TRACK THE SUCCESS, an innovative in-home media ethnography study that compares the impact of advertising on TV with other moving image platforms.

Best of Brand Research – Day 1
01/06/2022 at 11:00 CEST

You can register free of charge for virtual participation in the marktforschung.de pitch.

Read interview with Stefan Schönherr and Aimpower, Brandwatch and SKOPOS RESEARCH about Brand Identity and today’s Brand Research.

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