WdM interview on UX Research at Health Apps

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Case study MindDoc | Optimizing the user experience in the Mental Health App with UX

With a webinar, Carina de López presents a joint study with Mind Doc, a platform that connects clients and therapists for online-psychotherapy, at this year’s WdM. Marktforschung.de interviewed Carina de López about the joint UX project.

Carina de López explains the current trend towards self-care and more mindfulness for mental health in everyday life. She introduces the research approach of a UX project with MindDoc, which takes a closer look at the motivation and user experience of prospective customers who download or have been using a mental health app for some time.

The focus lies on the moment of download, the integration of the app, and daily use up to the final outcome, the diagnosis. Minddoc and eye square found out what engages users, how to get them to return to your app every day, and what content is helpful.

In addition to the challenges of conducting a multi-method study with a personal health theme, Carina de Lopéz also describes her approach to the UX research project and the change of touchpoint is the moment to end research.

Read the full interview in German with Carina de López at marktforschung.de.

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